“It’s been 10 years of Quantic…and I’m only 23”

So in the end I reckon Scala was easier to get to than Koko would have been, I finally found the reason for the Hammersmith and City line (the pink one that prefers Aldgate East to Aldgate on it’s journey following the circle line), as it whisked me from east london to Kings Cross and then back again sans any changes.
I managed to time my arrival on the steps in the main room with that of the Colman Brothers on stage.  They produced a fantastic jazz set that had me on emusic this morning to download their self titled debut album on Wah Wah 45s.

A quick tidy up the stage, a swift trip to the bar for a beer refill and the crowd were ready for Quantic and his Combo Barbaro when they wandered out onto the stage and kicked off with an instrumental of Linda Morena that had most of the crowd at least swaying.  the pace picked up and then Will Holland introduced Nidia Gongora, the pacific folklore singer and award-winning songwriter.  Half way through her first song I felt a tug on my leg, I looked down and the flat cap below me beckoned me down “Music is meant to make you smile, and you have had the biggest smile on your face all night”.  He was right, I was loving the gig.  The band were tight, from the trumpet player who spent as much time dancing as he did playing, to Freddy Colorado on the conga’s.  Songs from the album Tradition in Transition were intersped with funk and latin numbers, a few instrumentals of Quantic’s own pieces as well as Cumbia.  Nidia addressed the crowd in Spanish, of which a large portion appeared to be native speakers, judging by the screams and claps.  At one point flat cap leaned forward as his girlfriend translated.  Another tug at my leg
“She’s asking if it’s alright if Quantic wears the same hat as me”  then he was off dancing again.
“Heres someone who we should be giving pom poms to….” Will introduced the trumpet player, whose name I have ciminally forgotten and who doesn’t seem to appear in any of the blurb on assorted websites, during the band intro’s
Finally after a rousing version of Un Canto a Mi Tierra and an encore including some lively dancing from Nidia and Freddy, the bows were made and adulation received.
Flat Cap kindly bought me a beer and chatting to him and his wife afterwards he revealed he had come all the way over from Ireland just for the gig, I was massively impressed, Most, if not all of my friends are local, and few of them have barely heard of Quantic..


Colman Brothers 


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