quotes from the riots (may have been made up..)

“There is no doubt that some parts of our society are broken, and that they are sick”
David Cameron commenting on the state of UK politicians

“I want to make this perfectly clear….I have come back from my holiday for this”
David Cameron

“we will do everything possible to restore order, I will be cancelling my game of boules to chair another meeting, this will be tomorrow, as I haven’t had a chance to look at my holiday snaps. Thank you.”
David Cameron

“I am granting the Metropolitan Police emergency powers to use water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas to take back control of our streets from these ponsing parasites biting the hand that feeds them. In addition I am deploying the British Army as a visible presence to provide the authority that is so very lacking.”…..
Carlsberg don’t do Prime Ministers but if they did… ?

“I’m jolly well cross, I was in the middle of a water colour on holiday and I’ve missed my tennis lesson. Now if everyone had hugged these hoodies when I told them two we wouldn’t be having these silly high jinks”
David Cameron

“It has been reported that rioters tried to loot Ed Miliband. However they were unable to find a single opinion in him”

Advice of the MPs: Please don’t got out and take pictures.
Request from rolling news: Please send in your footage

Sky News…we interrupt this coverage of the end of the world for these messages

Some fave tweets:
Love that while @LouiseMensch is advocating temp shutdowns of Twitter, @SkyNews are advertising the #skydebate hashtag.

Reports from Hampton Court Palace suggest a small quartet of men in heraldic costume have just begun luting.

Take car. Go to Mums. Kill Phil, grab Liz go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.

Friend just suggested we dont need Cameron, we need Mr T with his tank yelling “quit this jibber jabber fools

75 Drayton Park, N5 1BU Emirates stadium trophy cabinet robbed-thieves leave empty handed.

The Youth of the Middle East rise up for basic freedoms.The Youth of London rise up for a HD ready 42” Plasma TV


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