Wax da playlist

So I listened to the latest Wax Da Box podcast the other day from Wax on records, loved it, some fantastic tunes in there.  In particular, I loved what I thought was the 3rd tune in, so I went straight to their website to find out what it was and then buy it (yeah I buy my music, along with books, music is a passion of mine and I hardly begrudge the artists 79p for 5 minutes or so of pleasure.  Not sure where else I could get that kind of pleasure per pence ratio).
On the website I went through the playlist, the third tune in was Erykah Badu’s Honey (Greenwood Rhythm Coalition re-lick), I like this as well, but already have a better mix by the Moody Boyz.  The song I wanted was the one before, ok easy, let me see…

Love&Lite – 110328

What? What the hell is this? that’s not a tune, thats some sort of colour description and sample code number.  OK I work in IT (my roll consists of me mainly blagging my way through any kind of situation and then asking people whose technical  knowledge dwarfs mine, which is pretty much anyone who may be passing the office) and so the & is probably just the & character, does that mean 110328 is the band? is the song called Love, or Love &, or Love & Lite?

I listen to the tune again, note some of the lyrics, whack them into google, no joy, put every permutation of the above into google, I get an advert for a 7 day camera battery and a blog post about a chinese restaurant, Fail.

So I’ve left a comment on the site, hopefully they will put me out of my misery  soon…

Link to podcast and butt licking / pleading comment here


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