Eclectic and Eccentric

It started with Christopher Laird’s theme’s stupidly catchy, I sing it on my way to work, even when I’m listening to something else.  Plus he plays quality tunes, certainly, most of the time anyway.  But then they had Allez Pop! I didn’t even know I liked french 60’s pop…and I did like it, even before I saw the presenter looked quite hot in the photo, it was too late, I was thoroughly enjoying Claude Francois and Jacqueline Taieb, even now I have absolutely no idea who they are, what they look like or what in the world they were singing about, but it was groovy..

Then came along Loves action Friday fix, in all honesty I’m not sure I know what the name means, I do know that I can’t get through each show (first Friday of every month) without smiling, even my girlfriend likes this one, and her entire musical collection consists of the Glee Soundtrack.

The best show though, the one that I find myself looking forward to each month, is Filmic.  I don’t understand it, how can a show that plays scores and songs from films, the one thing that I never understood the point in buying, be worth listening to. (even though I have a few, surely it’s a companion to the film no?).  Well to start with the presenter is so passionate and knowledgeable about film soundtracks that if they bring back Magnus and that big black chair there will be an episode with the name Ley Bricknell on it.  But it’s the music, a 60’s score followed by Daft Punk and their Tron soundtrack followed by the resident John Barry score, and despite the disparity of the music, it works, it sounds great and I love it like a fat kid love cake.  Strangely, I hardly ever watch films now either, so I’ve almost gone completely the other way into listening to the soundtrack rather than watching the film…

the radio nowhere website where you can find out about it and subscribe to the podcast feed is here

there is a link on there to the blog, which contains the playlist for each show.


2 thoughts on “Eclectic and Eccentric

  1. Hi,
    To say thank you for this little write up is not enough really, thank you very much. I am so glad you enjoy Filmic. I am truly lucky that Christopher at Radio NoWhere let’s me be all the geek that I am and that I also get to unleash that geekyness it every month on the web!

    Lovely blog by the way, love the photo’s.


    1. Hi Ley,

      You are very welcome, I love your show and look forward to it every month. It led me to the brilliant Ry Cooder soundtrack for Paris, Texas and I want to get hold of The Mission soundtrack as well after hearing one of the tunes on your show.
      Other favourites of mine are Gladiator (perhaps a bit predictable but the combination of Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard was brilliant, and there’s a song in Man on Fire with Denzel thats very reminiscent of that). I also have the soundtracks for Hero and House of the flying daggers, two films I love, but not as much as I love the Soundtracks.
      Anyhoo Keep up the awesome show!
      Thank you so much for reading my blog and checking out the photo’s as well 🙂

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