Something in the air?

Shortly after going to see the last ever Faithless gig in March I had another one lined up at a student union in London to see The Airborne Toxic Event with a mate.  We were going chiefly because we both loved Sometime Around Midnight, quite possibly the greatest break up song ever penned and recorded.  We didn’t know any of their other songs and after arriving decided that if it was crap we would leave after they played Sometime Around Midnight and go for a drink somewhere else.
two hours later, as the final chords evaporated into the air at the end of the encore, we were still there, clapping and cheering having been converted to absolute fans.  Apart from the fact that the band were brilliant live, it was the first gig I had been too in a long time where I had no expectations, where I wouldn’t be connecting the songs to some point in my life or singing my heart out to a song I felt had been written especially for me (which for example, was exactly what I did at the Faithless gig).
By being slightly out of the circle of fans, I watched other people, saw how they had the same connections with songs and the band that I had at other gigs.  You realise that everyone feels the same way as you do, that although it can be deeply personal, it’s actually universal.  But most of all it allowed me to completely take the gig for what it was, a great band playing a great show and to just completely throw myself into it.

So I’m currently listening to their last album, All At Once, looking forward to Saturday, when I’m seeing them again, with the same mate.  I’m still think Sometime Around Midnight is their best song, followed closely by Does This Mean Your Moving On but I know it will be a great show..
Sometime Around Midnight YouTube video here
Does This Mean Your Moving on Youtube video here


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