Tru Thoughts

At the start of a Camden double header this weekend I made my way up to Koko on Saturday night for the Tru Thoughts 12th birthday party.  After I left I got a text from my mate who advised he was going to be late.  I stopped off at St Pancras, thinking I might take some champagne at the worlds longest champagne bar, but most of it was close, and it was freezing.  My mate had also been blocked in his road due to an accident, so he couldn’t make it.  I left St Pancras without the champagne and without a concert buddy.

Still inside Koko it was warm, and if you spent over £4 you got a cold can of Becks Vier in a plastic pint cup.  I went down to the floor, looked up and around at the once lavish decor of Koko, gilded balconys and deep reds are everywhere.  On the stage I thought some young dude was testing the decks (Quantic was Dj’ing at some point advised the flyer) but it was in fact Anchorsong, whose name I only found out later because I didn’t catch it when he said it.  He creates his music live using a sampler and a piano, playing the different components and then looping them, to me, this is fricking amazing.  He brought out a string quartet that complimented his dubby beats perfectly and got the crowd warmed up despite the sometimes melancholy sounds, even when tempo slowed, there was a big beat coming just round the corner, will be downloading his album very soon.
Nostalgia 77 played me through my next two cans of Becks, I’ve got a few tunes, but didn’t recognise any of the songs, but they played well and I enjoyed their set.
Despite feeling slightly merry, not even a southern comfort and coke could get me through the Belleruche set.  They are a good band, but I just couldn’t dig it, and it seemed to go on forever.  I was, I’m happy to admit, very in the minority.

So, because I had plans for Sunday afternoon, and although I was convinced the last train from Camden would be sometime after 1 (no idea why because that is blatantly wrong) I grabbed my coat, and enjoyed the first song from the Hidden Orchestra (who I do like) before legging it up to Camden station at 12:20ish, making the last tube home by a couple of minutes.  Absolute poor show from me..

Anchorsong website here

Tru Thoughts website here


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