lost in music

So earlier on I was listening to my Sunday staple, the Basic Soul show with Simon Harrison (theres a link to his website at the bottom of the blog), and he opened with Un Canto a mi Tierra by Quantic and his Combo Barbaro, he then followed it up with Osmar Milito and Rita Jeep, which I loved.  I searched emusic for it, they had it…sweet, it was on an album of Jorge Ben covers…hmm…I’ve already downloaded loads of stuff from that album, maybe I’ve…ah yes..of course, I’ve actually already got it..
Still after the show finished I jumped around emusic and decided that it would probably be a good idea to clear down some of my saved for later albums, which I randomly add in in the middle of podcasts or when I find a tune I like and either have no credit left or no time to  listen to it.  As I started buying stuff I flicked over to my itunes, started deleting playlists and realised that I need to step up my massive organisation operation on my music collection.. 14670 songs, according to itunes thats 47 straight days listening, plus 1983 podcasts I haven’t yet listened to.
I’ve been trying to do this for a while, I’ve selected a load of albums and compilations to listen to and decide whether to keep, I’ve also chucked a load of albums into a playlist that I haven’t listened to for ages.  The sheer amount of music on my iTunes, and the way I buy music now (normally cherry picking the tracks I like), means that I very rarely listen to albums all the way through, so thats something else I’m making an effort to do.
When I was younger, I used to love making my own cassettes, and later CD’s.  Each one was a complete labour of love, (as explained by John Cusack in the brilliant High Fidelity) and when I discovered that MS publisher allowed you to create cassette covers to print out, I used to spend all my time at school knocking them out.  A girlfriend of mine when I was younger emigrated with her family to Australia and I spent weeks making a double cassette for her when she left, with all our favourite songs on it, and I even added dialogue from films (done by recording the track while holding a microphone to the TV, having to do the whole thing again if I did it wrong) and later the same effort would go into making CD’s.
Now I make far fewer CD’s, and the playlist function in iTunes has left me struggling with what exactly to playlist and how to create one.  If I restrict myself to a CD’s worth of music I will playlists coming out my ears, if I have playlists going on for hours, will I ever listen to it all?  At the moment I’ve tended to keep playlists restricted to certain genres of music but if theres a word to describe my taste, it’s eclectic, so I feel I’m not creating the kinds of playlists I actually want to listen to.  So thats another mission.
One playlist that I have got is what I would play if I was DJ’ing.  Next year I want to do a DJ course, and so that is one playlist I will be keeping and hopefully using a lot more.

So the organisation continues, but heres the list of tracks I’ve bought today:

Gilles Peterson presents Havana Cultura: The Search continues (album)
Ed Royal – Coisa Boa (feat. Micheline Cardoso)
Miles Bonny – Lumberjack Soul
Captain Planet – The Ningane EP
Merge of Equals – Hoshi No Namida
K’bonus & Negghead – Harmonizing parts 1&2
BK-One – Tema do Canibal
Slow Club – Two Cousins and Never Look Back


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