Old Soul [Ben Watt]

How long you been around girl?
Longer than your years?
Looking through your eyes of an old soul
same shit same fears
Must have kinda been hard for one so young and tender
Walking out onto the lawn, a young pretender

Im 30 plus years old and looking on you like a saint
Some kind of gift that could be all the things I am and ain’t
I watch you cut your swathe like a blade through harvest wheat
With eyes that burn and melt with intensity and heat

Who gave you what you are
These visions, these demands
This hardness and bluntness
This hunger in your arms
I watch you running headlong into this autumn wind
Until your face is flushed and your knees are skin
Scattering the magpies and crows from their frost
Your footprints like a path to something lost
I’m turning and wave back and the sunlight from behind
It’s like a halo, mesmerising, undefined

Bow to the saint amongst us on the frost encrusted lawn
Rain spattering in the gust of the leaf storm
And while I drop my head in a strange kind of respect
I feel my driven heart pump and connect
Even now with muscle raw and unprepared
For all this transparancy, this old soul we share
The wet leaves lift into the gathering trees
Come in now girl, or you’ll freeze


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