Travesia [Gerardo Nunez]

Flamenco fever continued on Monday with Gerardo Nunez.  Learning from Thursdays trials we stuck to one beer before the performance.  We were seated further back up in the gods for this performance but more central.  We picked this show for a more guitar led showcase of Flamenco and indeed Gerardo Nunez was accompanied by his percussionist (I don’t know what else to call him, he sat on a box and tapped it, but it sounded like a rattlesnake languidly swinging it’s tail to the beat), another guitarist, two singers and Carmen Cortes, a gypsy flamenco dancer.  She sat on the end and clapped before seemingly being taken over by the music and slipping to the floor where she performed the most sensual, beautiful flamenco I have seen at the festival.  I could not take my eyes of her, at once serious but playful.  The show showcased Gerardo’s virtuoso guitar playing along with traditional singing and Carmen’s dancing.  At one point the two singers and percussionist sat at a tall table and tapped while singing.  they sang acapella, the box was banged on it’s own, the guitars played solo and time flew by in a whirl of claps, stomps and swishing skirts.
At the end Carmen peformed a solo dance and they all stood around, the percussionist sang, the singers stamped their feet, Gerardo lent out his guitar to kick out his feet before they all accompanied the swinging Carmen off the stage.
I loved it all, the guitar sang with raw emotion and Carmen Cortes was one of the best Flamenco dancers I have seen, injecting a playfulness that I had not really come across before and the fun end of the show for me kept the raw emotion of Flamenco, and put a smile on it’s face, Bring on next year 🙂


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