Don Quixote and the quest for the missing pages

So I’m over 400 pages into Wild Swans by Jung Chang, marvelling at the diabolical genius of Chairman Mao and the absolute horror that I perceive living under such a regime must be like.  The last word on the page is Tiananmen, then there are some photo pages.  I browse through them back to the text, I’m almost certain the next work should be Square, but it’s not. It’s the word all

I go back, yes, the last word on page 416 is Tiananmen, the next word on page…um…wait a minute, the next page of text is 241, no wonder the next word isn’t Square, it would be  about 170 pages too early.
OK, let me just skip the repeated pages and carry on, no biggie, so we continue from 241 to 288, then the next page is, awesome, the next page is 465, so even if I skip the repeated pages I get: Tiananmen leaned, and not only leaned, but leaned back against the oval mirror.

It’s Don Quixote all over again, the edition I have of that, which even has a cover I really like, has a chunk of missing pages over half way through.   I’m over half way through Wild Swans, over 400 pages into a 700 page book and I have to stop reading it, I can’t go on with 40 pages missing, I didn’t with Don Quixote, although I’ve been planning to buy that again ever since.  But maybe it’s time to join the local library.

So after putting that aside I’ve now moved onto Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.  I’ve seen the film so I’m doing it the wrong way round but what can you do, a mate has lent me this so I want to read it and give it back.  Then I have 4 books of my own to read, and my book day with my mate is coming up at the end of the month, so I’ve just drawn up my list for that, which will pile another load of books on my to read pile, but hopefully they will have all their pages.

book day list:

Robin Robertson – The Wrecking Light (yes, poetry! Check me out)
Andrew Miller – Pure
Lian Hearn – Blossoms and Shadows
David Arnold – The age of discovery
Paramananda – Change your mind
Mohammed Hanif – A case of exploding mangoes
Gary Jennings – Aztec
George Orwell – Homage to Catalonia (I’m intrigued as to what section this goes in, as it’s not in travel, or classics, or in with his novels (understandably, and I’ve just used double brackets, can I do that?))
John Gimlette – Wild Coast
Ann Patchett – State of wonder
Roopa Farooki – The flying man


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