The Verbs of Boro [from Spoken Here by Mark Abley]

anzray: to keep apart from an enemy or wicked company
mokhrob: to express anger by a sidelong glance
zum: to wear or put on clothing for the upper part of the body

egthu: to create a pinching sensation in the armpit
khale: to feel partly bitter
khonsay: to pick an object up with care as it is rare or scarce

gobram: to shout in one’s sleep
gulun: to bend after overthrowing or uprooting
ur: to dig soil (as the swine do), to move curry (while cooking)

gagrom: to search for a thing below the water by trampling
goblo: to be fat (as a child or infant)
gobray: to fall in a well unknowingly

asusu: to feel unknown and uneasy in a new place
gabkhron: to be afraid of witnessing an adventure
serron: to examine by slight pressing

bunhan bunahan: to be about to speak, and about not to speak
khar: to smell like urine or raw fish
khen: to hit one’e heart

And the tender:

onguboy: to love from the heart
onsay: to pretend to love
onsra: to love for the last time

From: Spoken Here – Travels among threatened languages
By Mark Abley

For more info about the Boro / Bodo language, see here


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