M83 at Brixton Academy

I’d never heard of M83 until a couple of weeks ago, “I’ve got a couple of tickets if you want to go and see them at Brixton, check out Midnight city and let me know” said the text from my mate, who is like a personal ticketmaster (with taste).

I did, and I did.  Midnight city is an awesome song, a bit like MGMT.  But better.  And the video was fantastic, I loved it and the follow up video for Reunion.  The video for Steve McQueen was not quite as good, but the song was.  I downloaded the album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming and watched the two videos non-stop up until the gig, last Thursday.  Heading out of Brixton tube I at least seemed to know more than one of the touts, “tickets for M82 buyorsell” he touted, before someone pointed out he’d lost a number somewhere.

Inside Brixton we had a beer, then a Jungfrau bomb, the barmaid battering me down on my insistence for a Jaegar Bomb (less to drink and less chance of needing a Jimmy Riddle half way through) as it was cheaper.  We headed down the right hand side (for some reason it’s always clear my mate advised, and he was right) to fairly near the front and settled down amongst the fans.
The show was brilliant, I couldn’t tell you many of the songs, barring the three I mentioned above, I recognised some off the album, including Intro and the epic Wait (a favourite of the guy in front of us who went crazy through every song, he must be their number one fan).  The energised and uplifting Reunion was about the 3rd one in and they finished with Midnight City, which got the biggest response of the night before a pumping encore ended two years of touring for a superb band.  If you like a bit of electro pop (and French at that, No one does electro or disco like the French) then I highly recommend them.

Oooooh-oooh-oooh-ooooooh (That was me singing the riff to Midnight city, it sounded better, although my voice may have been a little too high).

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