Paco Pena – Quimeras [Directed by Jude Kelly]

So only a month and a half after the event, but, you know, it was Christmas, and all that jazz.  But with the Flamenco festival fast approaching in Feb I thought I’d put this out.

On a limited run after it’s original showing in 2010, Quimeras tells the story of a group of migrants who leave Africa for Spain to search for work. The elegant, proud Flamenco is juxtaposed by the graceful and flamboyant African dancing, whose leaps around the stage were almost gazelle like.  The trio of African drums were a perfect compliment to the traditional Flamenco guitars, and, although I had absolutely no idea what was going on it was a brilliant show, full of powerful dancing as well as beautiful moments.  The music was just as good as the dancing on both sides, the almost formal guitar and the energetic drumming working well together in such a simple harmony that both retains the traditions of both yet sounds incredibly refreshting. When it finished I all but rampaged my way down to the stalls to get a copy of the soundtrack.  There isn’t one! Paco, you let me down.

Still I’ll forgive as it was an amazing show, and if it comes your way again I highly recommend it.
Roll on Feb for the full flamenco festival at Sadlers Wells, details here


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