Living In A Box – Living In A Box

We’re back in my parents car again, visiting relatives, getting up at 3am to drive to Cornwall so we could miss the traffic, and arriving at about 9am (after the obligatory garage stop when we got lost)  to be told that we couldn’t get into our caravan until 12, which always drove my mum mad.

But there was a new tape!  I can’t remember what it was called, but it was an 80’s compilation and included The Circus by Erasure, I found Lovin’ by Steve Walsh, and Living In a Box by Living In A Box. While The Circus intrigued me and I found Lovin’ would come back to me years and years later in a few clubs, it was Living In A Box that I loved straight away.  It was a perfect song.  You could sing to it, you could nod and dance to it, it had good beats and a bit of electric guitar in the break, and synths and screams from the singers! And when your a kid and stuck in the car, it was a song that was filled with energy, so it kept you awake as you were sat in the back watching  a tractor trundling along in front of you for 10 miles. I used to love the song, and was always annoyed when it finished, particularly as it was the 1st song on the tape, which meant that I had to sit through the whole tape before I would hear it again.  It was a good day when I discovered about 12″ versions and extended mixes!

We lost the tape eventually, all I remember is that had a blue cover, and those three songs still stick in my mind and in fact, all three are in my iTunes even now.


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