bye bye buzzin’ fly

After 10 years Ben Watt is effectively ending his music label buzzin’ fly, as it slides into an ‘archive label’, with some digital anthologies and a few vinyl only hidden gems the only releases to follow.

I found out via an email from my mate on the dance floor Andy, who expressed his sadness at the end of what for us, has been an almost personal label.  It was back in 2003 that I introduced him to buzzin’ fly volume one, my first foray into the deeper side of house.  Up until then a staunch funky house fan, I wanted something more, something that was a touch slower but also more thoughtful.  Buzzin’ Fly volume one included tracks such as Musica Feliz by Rodamaal, Automagic’s Do You Feel? and my favourite of the album, This is Why We Dance by Deep House Soldiers. We religiously bought the five yearly mix CD’s, each mix bookended by spoken word of Bens’ own poetry, and attended some great nights at The End and Plastic People, enjoying along the way Chris Woodward’s brilliant warm up sets, Michel Cleis with his one earphone, and Ben Watt dropping in favourites such as Pop A Cap in Yo Ass and one of my all time dancefloor favourites, Tracey in my Room, but not enjoying so much Sad Piano, a track that seemed a staple of every set and spawned a seemingly million remixes, but that was a matter of taste, and having one track that we didn’t like out of an entire catalogue is not bad going.

Our last buzzin’ night was at the Nest in Dalston, Manoo was the guest and he rocked the whole place, but only after Ben Watt dropped the Andre Loderman remix of Why Does the Wind by Tracey Thorn and Andy sung along at the top of his voice for the entire tune.
A good few years ago, after one night at Plastic People, as Bright Star, his collaboration with Stimming, was fading out,  we asked Ben when the next mix CD was coming out. He didn’t know, they didn’t make money out of them and it wasn’t worth it.  Andy tried again via Facebook to ask about forthcoming nights or a ten year anniversary party, but sadly not, buzzin’ fly will slip into the history books having cemented a friendship and a love of the dancefloor, releasing some great, great tunes and many memorable nights in it’s ten year reign.

Thank you Ben, and buzzin’ fly.


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