Thriller Live

An all singing, all dancing revue of Michael Jackson’s music career, It couldn’t be Bad could it? Sorry.

Sitting somewhere between a tribute act and a Top of the Pops MJ special, Thriller live delivered the greatest hits of the King of Pop in his unique and thrilling style across the stage of a packed Lyric Theatre.
Starting with the Jackson 5, through to the Jacksons before concentrating on Thriller and Bad, a variety of singers, from the young Kyle Johnson to the fantastic Trenyce Cobbins, who performed a brilliant version of The Way You Make Me Feel, one of my favourite MJ tracks, belted out hit after hit while the dancers performed in homage to the classic videos and choreography of the man himself.  From ABC, I’ll be there, Can you feel it, Beat It, She’s out of my life, to Man in the Mirror, Dangerous and Dirty Diana, the costumes, voices and dancers all screamed Michael.

Smooth Criminal was perfectly recreated on the stage, MJ in his white suited, trilby wearing glory as he kicked, whirled, and crotch grabbed his way through the bar.  Thriller and Billie Jean were, as expected, highlights and finally got the sluggish Friday night crowd out of their seats.

A couple of songs failed to hit the bar though, Don’t stop till you get enough and Wanna be starting something didn’t quite sound as good, and I left with the feeling that there could have been more.  But on reflection perhaps not, Michael’s personal life was under intense scrutiny while he was alive and for once it was enough to sit back and enjoy his legacy as one of the greatest performers of our time, and an inspiration to countless numbers of people around the world, and no, it wasn’t Bad at all.

Details here


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