Funk Soul Brother 2

So I’ve renamed the series to Funk Soul Brother, as that’s what I’m going to (mostly) stick to. A nice mellow one this month, with Dead Horse Beats and their hypnotic version of Thinking of You and The Bird by the talented Anderson .Paak kicking off. Had to stick in another song from Gecko Turner’s album before rolling back the years for a couple of tunes, Brian Auger’s hammond filled Save Me featuring Julie Driscoll and the soulful Billy Paul. Edwin Collins features on Gabin’s Mr. Freedom before another artist with a second song from their album, this time Romare, with Work Song. Meute roll on with the horn filled foot stomper Rej before a bit of deep house with Brame’s Full Custody. Bibio’s remix of Night Trek from Wax Stag slows us back down and there’s the unmistakeable Ghostpoet with a Sorry My Love, It’s You Not Me with Lucy Rose before we hit a soul soaked double with the Ephemerals and Willie West. Paul White’s Seagull Mansion closes out the mix with Runnin’ on a Rainy Day.


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